It s Over 9000 by Hellknight10

It's Over 9000!!!Edit

On Each Hero/Villains page i will be putting this Chart with numbers ranging from -10 to 10, though this is not an accurate measure of some characters powers lets say Goku this gives us a good scale to say what is being done.

Strength 00


Intelligence 00
Ingenuity 00


Fighting Ability


Now as you're probably saying "but someone like Goku who's got 4 levels of supersaiyan would SO be more than a 10!" that may be true but as i said before this isnt a unit of measurement this is a table to compare characters.

now.. understanding the Grid...Edit

-10 to 4 Frail
4 to 6 Normal
6 to 8 Strong
8 to 10 Godly

Naturally a character with a Fighting ability of 4 wouldn't want to be seen messing with a character with a Fighting ability of 10 so we have this chart to say what these characters are so we don't have unfair match ups.