Kuroro LuciferEdit

Thought by many to be the devil incarnate, Kuroro is actually very caring for his own. Ruthless, manipulative, and cunning, Kuroro is truly an adversary to watch out for... with vast pools of knowledge and a book that can steal your attacks from you, Kuroro is more than a match for just about anyone. The fact that he can so easily keep a group as diverse a volatile as the Genei Ryodan in line is a testament to both his charismatic leadership abilities, and to the depths of the bonds between him and his comrades.

Personal PhilosophyEdit

Kuroro has never given much thought to his own motives; he does what he wants because he wants to. Like the rest of the Ryodan, stealing and killing is a way of life to him, and so he has very little use for money. If he wants or needs something, he takes it, and the lives of anyone unfortunate enough to be in the general vicinity can usually be considered forfiet. He's fickle enough that, on at least one occasion, he's had the Ryodan commit genocide purely on a whim, only to grow bored with and sell of the spoils of the deed a short while later.